There are a variety of choices in Hardwood flooring such as styles, colors, sizes and wood species. For instance, oak is one of the most popular species used in hardwood flooring. Red oak has the pink hues, having distinctive grain character. Also, red oak is a little less durable than white oak because of the difference in density. Different woods best for certain environments and installation methods. Some areas you may want flooring strong against denting and scratches. If you have very little traffic, you might consider a softer wood, prioritizing your style and design needs.

Deciding to install flooring can be complicated. You might want to consult a professional who can help you determine what type of wood to be suitable and how much product you will need.

Our Hardwood Floor installers can remove any previous flooring whether you have carpet, tile, vinyl, laminate, or hardwood. We can remove the previous flooring and install your beautiful new hardwood floors with the highest level of craftsmanship available anywhere.

Sanding, Buffing
We do three stages of sanding to produce a quality floor. The hardwood floor refinishing process starts with sanding your hardwood floor with a rough paper to eliminate any inconsistencies. Moving to medium to finer sandpaper, we remove all scratches from the previous sanding. After the third and final stage of sanding, we buff the floor with a screen before applying stain or finish. Following all sanding and buffing, we vacuum thoroughly to remove all dirt and dust.

We apply three coats of high-quality commercial grade polyurethane. You also can choose a variety of stain colors too.